BINGHAMTON, NY – The City of Binghamton is threatening to lockdown an apartment building owned by the man Mayor Jared Kraham calls “Binghamton’s most notorious slumlord” Isaac Anzaroot.

5 Grace Street has racked up 34 points, the most among the threatened lockdowns, for code violations, fighting, assault and general disturbance.

Susan Swingle lives on the first floor.

Her ceiling is caving in, her stove and bathroom fan don’t work and her apartment is riddled with cockroaches and bedbugs.

Roger Raub lives with his girlfriend in another unit.

He says his apartment was flooded with sewage from a leaky drain pipe in a unit above him.

Raub says, “Apartment next to me is condemned with an infestation of bugs. I can go anywhere and get that. I don’t want to be with bugs. I don’t want to have to worry about fecal matter. If no one is going to repair anything, why are the rent prices so high?”

Raub says squatters have taken over half of the second floor and that he stay up all night to make certain he isn’t robbed.

He says he and his girlfriend were told by code enforcement not to pay their rent until problems are repaired.

Raub says that’s lead to an eviction notice from Sall Associates.

City officials say Sall was appointed by a judge as a receiver to manage some of Anzaroot’s properties that are subject to bank foreclosure.

Over the summer, Anzaroot was arrested for failing to appear in court to face a number of housing and code violations.