BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Today in Broome County Court, two men received prison time for violating their probations.

Marshall Bates, 44 of Endicott, was sentenced to 3 years in New York State prison after he violated his probation. In September of 2021, Bates pled guilty to felony Assault in the Second Degree after he was involved in a domestic dispute at a Prospect Avenue apartment. He was sentenced to six months in Broome County Jail and 5 years of probation.

Bates failed to comply with the terms and conditions of his probation as he repeatedly missed scheduled appointments and admitted to the use of methamphetamine.

In April of 2021, Jeffrey Parker, 50 of Endicott, was convicted in Tioga County of felony Aggravated Operation of a Motor Vehicle. He was sentenced to probation and his supervision was transferred to Broome County.

In November of 2021, Parker was arrested for DWI in Johnson City. He admitted to violating his probation by pleading guilty to DWI and has been sentenced to 1-3 years in New York State prison.

“The defendants were given numerous opportunities to take advantage of the supervision and programs offered to them by the Broome County Department of Probation.  Reporting to and following the guidelines set forth by the Probation Department are not optional,” said Michael A. Korchak, Broome County District Attorney.