WASHINGTON, D.C. (WIVT/WBGH) – Lawmakers are warning two of the largest makers of COVID-19 vaccines against quadrupling their prices.

Both Moderna and Pfizer are considering charging up to 130 dollars a dose once the shots move to the commercial marketplace.

NewsChannel 34’s Jessi Turnure reports on the potential effect on Americans’ bottom line.

Moderna and Pfizer are considering quadrupling their prices for COVID-19 shots.

“The price hike here is hard to understand or to justify.”

The federal government currently pays about $30 a dose and distributes them at no cost, regardless of a patient’s health insurance status.

But the two companies could charge up to $130 a dose once the country’s public health emergency ends and the federal supply runs out later this year.

“We believe that shot should be affordable.”

Lawmakers have warned Moderna and Pfizer against the price hike… calling it “pure and deadly” corporate greed.

The incoming chair of the Senate Health Committee, Senator Bernie Sanders, wrote to Moderna this week saying the price hike will impact the federal budget and private insurance costs, and potentially cause unnecessary deaths.

“We do have those concerns as well.”

Pfizer announced the new price first and told me Friday it’s consistent with the vaccine’s value as it shifts from an emergency to a more traditional manufacturing model.

The company expects most patients will continue to pay nothing out of pocket, and plans to offer free shots to eligible uninsured patients.

But for now, every vaccine is still free for everyone.

“If you haven’t, please go get your shot.”

In Washington I’m Jessi Turnure.