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ALBANY, NY – US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is back on Capitol Hill today, not negotiating with congressional leaders on the next COVID relief package, but rather facing a grilling over the Trump administration’s response to the country’s economic crisis due to the pandemic.

NewsChannel 34’s Morgan Wright reports.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin faced a grilling from House lawmakers – over the Administration’s handling of the economic fallout due to the pandemic.

{US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin} …more fiscal response is needed, the president and I want to move forward with more fiscal resposne.

South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn says as the pandemic rages on… additional stimulus is needed to help with record unemployment.

{Congressman Jim Clyburn, D/SC} There are urgent steps the administration must take to prevent our economic crisis from becoming a catastrophe.

Republicans like Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan said Democrat run states are holding back the economic recovery.

{Congressman Jim Jordan, R/OH} If Democratic Governors would let people go back to work in their states we’d probably have less unemployment?

{US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin} I believe there’s no question that the reason we have unemployment is that certain states are not opening up.

The hearing comes as Congress remains at an impasse with the White House over the next covid relief package – Democrats called for Mnuchin to return to the negotiating table.

Maryland Congressman Jamie Raskin… questioned Mnuchin about providing more aid to state and local governments.

{US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin} No question that we should not be having layoffs of policemen firemen and others.

Mnuchin says he remains committed to passing a bipartisan package to help the nation’s economy.

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