COVID-19 relief expires soon


WASHINGTON, DC – There’s increasing sentiment on Capitol Hill that lawmakers must act fast on another COVID relief package.

Millions of Americans face losses of unemployment benefits, evictions, or default on student loans.

NewsChannel 34’s Morgan Wright shows us how some lawmakers say time is of the essence to contain the pandemic’s economic fallout.

{Senator Chris Van Hollen, D/MD} this is just going to add to the pain
Maryland Senator Chris Van Hollen says it’s time for Congress to act to prevent unemployment benefits from expiring on December 31st.

{Senator Chris Van Hollen, D/MD} The CARES Act and others provided unemployment insurance for people who are not part of our traditional unemployment system, think about independent contractors, gig workers, part time workers, they’re covered now. After December 31st they won’t be covered anymore.

Van Hollen says not passing a new relief bill could be disastrous.

{Senator Chris Van Hollen, D/MD} There are about 14 million Americans that are currently protected by these provisions.

{Senator Chris Murphy, D/CT} We desperately, desperately need to get at the very least those unemployment benefits extended.

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy says many businesses won’t be ready to re-hire workers anytime soon.

In addition — the federal moratorium on evictions also goes away, as well as options to defer student-loans payments… placing more financial burdens on Americans.

{Senator Chris Murphy, D/CT} folks all across the state are right now being evicted from their homes… we’re obviously having to start shutdowns again which means retail businesses are going be in trouble. We have a real crisis on our hands and we need help.

{House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R/CA} We must act now, we are in session…
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy urged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to compromise on a deal.

{House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R/CA} I would think after the politics she played and the election being over that she’d now put the American people first.

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