BINGHAMTON, NY – A collaborative effort is underway to raise money to address community needs creating by the pandemic.

United Way of Broome County, the Conrad and Virginia Klee Foundation, and the Community Foundation of South Central New York have donated a total of $250,000 to the COVID-19 Community Response Fund.

That money, plus smaller donations from local individuals, will go toward those who are hardest hit by the virus, by supporting food pantries, daycare centers, and healthcare facilities.

United Way Executive Director Lori Anne Welch says Broome County is strong.

“There is a lot of uncertainty right now. We all see it. We all hear it, and that is the reality, but I think we are very fortunate in this community. I say this all the time and I believe it in my heart of hearts. This community knows how to take care of each other, and we have done it before and we will do it again because we are doing it together,” says Welch.

Individuals interested in donating to the COVID-19 Community Response Fund can log on to, and can give as much money as they want.

The fund will be busy once the virus dissipates as well, making sure smaller non-profit organizations can get back on their feet.