ALBANY, NY – The Court of Appeals ruled that both the Congressional and the State Senate maps were Gerrymandered, favoring Democrats.

So how will this impact New York Voters? NewsChannel 34’s Jamie DeLine explains.

It’s back to the drawing board when it comes to the congressional and state senate redistricting maps.

“The significance of yesterdays decision was the fact that basically the voters won. The decision validated the fact that the legislature couldn’t just draw their own maps.”

The court chose Dr. Johnathan Cervas a post doctoral fellow from Carnegie Mellon university to draw the district lines.

“How the lines are drawn will determine where you would circulate petitions for voters in those new districts, whether the petition gathering period would be Truncated, whether the number of signatures you need would be reduced because you’d have a compressed time frame on a political calendar, that seems likely.”

This means that the primaries for congress and state Senate are likely getting pushed back to August but a new date hasn’t been given just yet.

However, other races will still have their primaries on June 28th as previously scheduled.

NYS Republican Party Chairman, Nick Langworthy is calling this court ruling a victory. However, it could makes things more complicated for both parties.

“This is going to create a period of uncertainty, and some people might find themselves without a seat to run for. That’s another dynamic. Perhaps some people who made announcements will reconsider those announcements and get back in races that they have opted out of.”

In a Statement, New York State Democratic Chair Jay Jacobs saying while we are disappointed with the courts ruling we remain confidence in democratic Victories up and down the ballot.

Reporting in Albany, I’m Jamie DeLine.