County Executive Jason Garnar warns about Halloween gatherings


BROOME COUNTY – The number of new coronavirus cases may be down by 16% in Broome County, County Executive Jason Garnar says now is not the time to get complacent.

Garnar says if you have concerns with sitting outside and handing out candy on Halloween, the safest thing to do is to set up a small table outside with candy on it for kids to grab on their own.

He suggests that everyone travel in small groups and wear a COVID mask even if your Halloween costume has a mask that goes on your head.

Garnar says that if you aren’t feeling well to please stay home and there will be plenty of discounted candy sold at stores after this weekend.

“Large Halloween parties are still not a good idea this year, we are seeing a lot of spread at the home this way. If you’re having any sort of get together you should keep it small and amongst members of the same household and preferably stay outside when you’re having these small gatherings if you can,” says Garnar.

Booster shots are still available as well for anyone high risk or 65 and older.

Garnar also says that at home testing kits are being utilized more and if you test positive there is a way to record that online now.

Go to the county’s COVID-19 resource page and look for the tab “Report COVID-19 home test.”

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