BINGHAMTON, NY – A 6th person in Broome County has died of coronavirus, a man in his 80’s who passed at UHS.

Meanwhile, County Executive Jason Garnar says there are currently 2 hotspots in Broome that are concerning him.

One is the Susquehanna Nursing Center on Riverside Drive in Johnson City.

The nursing home first reported having a case of COVID-19 at the beginning of last week.

Relatives of those staying at the facility say they’ve been told that multiple residents are sick and that they’ve been isolated in one section of the facility.

The owners of Susquehanna Nursing Center, VestraCare in Valley Stream, New York, did not respond to an email seeking more information.

Garnar says the virus has spread in the facility and that some people have been transferred out.

“If I’m talking about a location, then it’s on our radar. I know people want the exact number and it does change on a day-to-day basis. It’s definitely a number that it’s got it on our radar at the Emergency Operations Center, and we’re engaging with the two places,” says Garnar.

The other hotspot is the Broome County Correctional Facility.

Sheriff Dave Harder says the jail has had a total of 10 positive cases, 4 inmates and 6 corrections officers.

He says the first CO to get sick has now recovered and the remaining are no longer working along with an additional 14 who have called in sick.

Harder says the 3 inmates are being treated in the jail’s medical unit and that their conditions are not serious or they would be transferred to the hospital.

The Sheriff says he’s very concerned about the outbreak for the sake of not only the inmates, but also the more than 300 staff who work in the Public Safety Facility.