BINGHAMTON, NY – It looks like Broome County has set the clock back one year in terms of COVID-19 cases.

Broome is facing 1,024 cases on Friday – something we haven’t seen since the January spike.

The Broome County rapid testing site will be extending their staff and testing capacity starting next Wednesday.

County Executive Jason Garnar continues to advocate for vaccines and booster shots, even getting his own booster during his news briefing.

Additionally, Wilson Hospital will most likely be suspending all elective surgeries due to limited bed capacity due to the virus.

Lourdes is also in Jeopardy

There are currently 67 county residents hospitalized with COVID.

Another area of concern is Willow Point Nursing Home, which is still under the state of emergency implemented on November 22nd.

Governor Kathy Hochul has announced the National Guard will be deployed to the nursing home to assist, the 12 troops will likely stay until January.