BINGHAMTON, NY – A local Councilwoman voiced her concern last week over the Town and Country Apartments, saying it’s time to end backroom negotiations.

Binghamton Councilwoman Aviva Friedman of District 4 visited the apartment complex to talk about Mayor Rich David asking City Council to devote $3M of federal COVID relief money to fund improvements to the apartments.

Friedman stated she recently found out that the complex is in contract to be sold to a private company.

She found out this information this past Tuesday, so she said she did not feel comfortable voting on it the next because she wasn’t given much of a heads up.

“It’s untimely and it’s misguided because it will act basically as a subsidy for this new company that is about to purchase this apartment complex,” she says.

NewsChannel 34 reached out to Mayor David for comment.

He said quote: “Every City-led affordable housing project has been in partnership with New York State housing agencies, which guarantees that funds are spent on affordable housing units. This project and manner of funding is no different than the multiple other affordable housing projects Councilwoman Friedman has supported allocating federal funds toward. Councilwoman Friedman has played no role in this project and her statements are simply not based in fact.” unquote.

According to Friedman, a special business meeting will be held this Wednesday, where Binghamton residents will be able to listen.