The town of East Haven is hoping to ease beach parking congestion this summer.

Town council members say they’ve received dozens of complaints about trash and parking violations. The main concern is over streets surrounding beaches, which is where people from out-of-town park.

Council members have now developed a plan that focuses on catering to residents. Only people living in East Haven would be allowed to park on designated streets. All parking lots will remain resident only.

Parking restrictions would apply from Memorial Day to Labor Day and would be suspended for the fourth of July celebration.

Streets mentioned in the official press release is listed below:

Resident parking only on the following streets:

o Coe Ave from the intersection of Soundview Ave South to the beach

o George St, Henry St, Stevens St- from Soundview Ave headed south to the intersection of Bradford

o Bradford Ave from Coe Av, to the end of Center Ave

o Cosey Beach Ave (entire street)

o Second Ave (entire street)

o First Ave (entire street)

o Jamaica Ct (entire street)

o Cambridge Ct (entire street)

o Seaview Ave (entire street)

o Atwater Street (entire street)

o Dewey Ave (entire street)

o Cold Spring St (entire street)

o Cosey Beach Rd from the intersection of Catherine St to Coe Ave

o Phillip St (entire street)

o Hobson St (entire street)

o Palmetto Trail (entire street)

o Catherine St (entire street)

Residents who live on the above streets would be able to apply for guest passes (as to not punish those residents who live in this “district”) which would allow their guests to park on the street only, not the parking lots at the beach.

· All parking lots (including handicap parking spots in the lot across from the beach entrance) will remain resident only.

· Parking restrictions would apply from Memorial Day to Labor day from 8am-6pm.

· Would be suspended for the Towns July 4th celebration (date varies every year).

· All current “no parking zones” would remain.


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