Contractor Gary Dyer retiring after 50 years


TOWN OF MAINE – After fifty years of digging up the earth, a local contractor is ready to park his bulldozer and tend to life on the farm.

Gary Dyer of Gary Dyer Excavating and Tank Service is retiring at the end of this week and closing his business.

Dyer started his company in 1970 after a year of experience with another outfit.

He got his first break as a subcontractor on a two year job building the Route 26 bridge over Nanticoke Creek in West Corners.

Over the years, he’s worked commercial and municipal jobs, especially for the Town of Union and Village of Endicott, specializing in water and sewer infrastructure.

In recent years, though, he’s focused solely on residential work, primarily new construction, as he dug out basements, water and sewer lines and driveways.

Dyer says that although he’s played with large construction equipment since he was a child, it’s the interactions with people that he’ll miss the most.

“They talk and ask questions and you can help them, that’s what I like. Phones at midnight? No, I won’t miss that a bit. Other than that, it’s just the work, meeting people that’s the biggest thing,” said Dyer.

At one time, Dyer employed as many as fifteen people, but his workforce has shrunk to five or six in recent years, which he says has been more manageable.

In 1984, he got into environmental remediation, removing oil tanks and cleaning up spills.

Dyer says his business is for sale and he’s had several interested buyers but that it’s been tough to seal a deal during the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Dyer won’t be completely giving up earth moving.

He lives on a farm with cows and has excavators and bulldozers on hand to do what needs to get done.

So, he isn’t really retiring, is he?

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