Continuing assessment of storm damage


TOWN OF CHENANGO – Efforts are still being made to figure out what can be done about the storm damage that has happened over the past few days.

The Town of Chenango was hit particularly hard Sunday night when the National Weather Service was sending out multiple flash flood warnings.

State Senator Fred Akshar along with Assemblyman Joe Angelino and Town of Chenango Supervisor Jo Anne Klenovic went to a few different locations today to find out exactly what they could do to help.

Akshar says they are all putting their minds together to come up with the best solution.

“It’s very difficult for any elected official or anyone other than God to control Mother Nature and so we are certainly dealing with that and the wrath of Mother Nature,” says Akshar.

They met with residents on Fuller Road that say their property has flooded more than once.

Akshar says changes to nearby infrastructure will need to be made to ensure this type of flash flooding doesn’t keep happening.

Klenovic says floods like this are a huge financial burden on the town and the residents as well.

“We are all here because these people behind you have suffered such losses and some of them have lost their last dollar. They’ve been through this 3 or 4 times and we can’t let it happen again, we’ve got kids that don’t have a home to come to,” says Klenovic.

Firefighters have been pumping basements and trying to recover furnaces to help out the residents that were affected by the flood.

Over the next few weeks they will be getting together with the State Department of Transportation to try to come up with a resolution.

They recognize that something within the infrastructure needs to change.

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