CONKLIN, NY – The Conklin Fair has kicked off this year for its 50th anniversary.

The community event, held today through Saturday, features local food, a beer tent, rides, games, and even a job fair for local businesses.

Each night will also feature a different live music act.

After a delay last year, organizers are excited to mark five decades of the fair being held.

President of the Conklin Fair, Frank Mower, says that he and the community are excited to welcome people back.

“Yeah for sure, I mean everyone in Conklin loves this fair. We reach out to all of Broome County and Susquehanna County all gather here. We are proud of the Conklin Fair,” says Mower.

The fair continues tonight until 10 pm at the Conklin Fairgrounds on Conklin Road.

It starts again at 5 pm tomorrow and at noon on Saturday until 11 pm, wrapping up with a fireworks show on Saturday.

Parking is free and there is a golf car shuttle service available for those who need help traversing the grounds.