Congressman Tom Reed calls for action on climate change


WASHINGTON, NY – Republican Congressman Tom Reed has introduced legislation that looks for a bipartisan approach to tackling climate change.

As NewsChannel 34’s Morgan Wright shows us, Reed’s Energy Sector Innovation Credit Act would encourage innovation among energy producers.

{Congressman Tom Reed, R/NY} The climate is changing and we need to do something about it… With raging wildfires, floods, and record heat, New York Republican Congressman Tom Reed says something must be done to combat the issue of climate change…

{Congressman Tom Reed, R/NY} how we’re going to solve climate change is through innovation and that means you unleash the innovation and ingenuity of the American people

That’s exactly what Reed says his Energy Sector Innovation Credit Act WILL do… ENCOURAGE more innovation and technologies into the market — BY OFFERING a tax incentive for emerging technologies…

{Congressman Tom Reed, R/NY} you can have all of the mandates in the world which is the primary Democratic approach, setting protocol, setting standards – and those targets, if you don’t have the technology to achieve them they’re paper tigers.

{Danny Richter, VP Government Affairs, Citizens Climate Lobby} I think the biggest threat contributing to the crisis is people not talking to each other.

Danny Richter, with the Citizens Climate Lobby says the legislation is a POSITIVE step but says BOTH PARTIES NEED TO DO MORE TO SOLVE THE ISSUE.

{Danny Richter, VP Government Affairs, Citizens Climate Lobby} We need to make this a bridge issue not a wedge issue.

The legislation shows some sign of bridging that divide… with an equal number of democrats and republicans sponsoring the bill.

{Danny Richter, VP Government Affairs, Citizens Climate Lobby} This is a great example of the kind of work that can be done when democrats and republicans talk about – to each other about this most important issue.

{Congressman Tom Reed, R/NY} Innovation is what’s really going to solve climate change.

Reed says the bill now waits for a hearing before the House Ways and Means Committee.

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