BINGHAMTON, NY – An outpouring of support for a Binghamton man who was seriously injured in a farming accident is smashing fundraising goals for him and his family.

Travis Flanagan had to have both of his legs amputated below the knee after his overalls got caught in a corn picker which pulled him in.

The accident took place on March 13th.

Flanagan was alone at a farm in Greene at the time as his father had gone to another location to drop off some previous loads.

Once his father returned, an ambulance and medical helicopter from Guthrie were called and Flanagan was life-flighted to Upstate Medical in Syracuse.

Flanagan is no stranger to medicine as he works as a certified registered nurse anesthetist for Susquehanna Anesthesia Affiliates which serves UHS hospitals.

Fellow anesthetist and friend Dom Cosmello says Flanagan is a true professional who he has trusted when he’s had to go under anesthesia.

And Cosmello says Flanagan’s an upbeat and positive person with old fashioned family values.

“He likes to have dinner with his family every night, all together. He’s always early to work. And if you need him to stay late or do anything, I mean he’ll pretty much do anything you need from him. I’m sure you probably hear that all the time in these situations, but really if you need anything, he really will do anything for you,” says Cosmello.

And his colleagues are now paying him back.

They quickly established a GoFundMe page which has raised over $207,000

Flanagan’s wife Lindsay is also an anesthetist with Riverside Anesthesia which serves Lourdes, so both hospital communities have supported them.

Travis spoke with us from his hospital bed at Upstate where he is still recovering and recently got to see his children, 3 year-old Dylan and 1 year-old Maddie.

Travis says he’s blown away by the support, especially from people he doesn’t even know.

“I’m just completely grateful. And you said that we met that goal. That’s quadruple the goal of what we initially set. They initially set a goal of $50,000 and we have quadrupled that goal. That is amazing and I will never, ever, ever be able to express the gratitude that I have for the community and everybody that has . . . it goes beyond the GoFundMe to be honest with you,” says Travis.

Flanagan says he expects to be released from the hospital this weekend so he can start working toward 2 major goals.

He plans to get prosthetic legs so that he can return to work and also be standing when Lindsay gives birth to their third child in July.

Flanagan credits a number of factors with his survival, including the response by his father, the Greene EMS and Smithville Flats Fire Department and the fact that the Guthrie helicopter from Sayre, Pennsylvania had blood on board that it could give him.

Medical choppers in New York are not allowed to carry blood.

Perhaps most significantly, his wife Lindsay was allowed to ride with and comfort him on the flight to Syracuse.

Watch Travis’s full interview here: