Columbus Park’s mosaic mural phase two is finished


BINGHAMTON, NY – A group of young artists is helping to brighten up Columbus Park one tile at a time.

Phase two of a three part mosaic mural along Carroll Street at the entrance to the downtown Binghamton park was finished over the summer.

The project, which began in 2017, is headed by local artist Emily Jablon.

Jablon and a team of high school artists, who are paid through the BOCES summer work program, spent five weeks on part 2, with the students offering an extra volunteer week.

The program helps at-risk teens get their first paying jobs and create art for the public to enjoy.

“This project has been an amazing experience. Not only is it so important for the kids because they get to learn how to work, but it is so important because they get to give back to their community and it is events like today that give them the validation that they deserve, because they do this for the community and it’ll be here forever,” says Jablon.

Jablon expects part 3, the final stage of the mural, to be completed next summer.

Anyone interested in participating or learning more about the mural are encouraged to visit Jablon Studios dot com.

She also has a studio on Alice Street in Binghamton.

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