BINGHAMTON, NY – Following their shutdown Thursday amid sexual assault allegations, the Colonial has announced they will reopen.

The restaurant will open at 5 this evening, according to their Facebook page, for normal business hours.

In the same post, they apologized to everyone who had reservations for yesterday that had to be cancelled.

They also noted that they will not comment on “baseless claims” or “cancel culture” referring to the allegations.

The Colonial adds they believe it is important to keep everyone employed during the holiday season.

No word about Dos Rios or Stone Fox at this time.

Here is the full statement:

We would like to thank everyone for the great support and positive feedback. We will be re-opening this evening 12/10 for normal business hours. Next we would like to apologize to all guests whom we had to cancel their reservations yesterday, we will make it up to you. It is very important to us that during this holiday season we remain open and keep our staff fully employed. Regarding the allegations at hand, We will not comment on baseless claims. Nor will we comment on cancel culture. As a professional organization we will continue to operate our establishments in a manner that ensures the safety and security of not only our staff but all patrons. We are very grateful for the continuous support from the community.