UPDATE: Engelmayer has clarified his initial statement, telling NewsChannel 34 that the closures do not include Stone Fox.

BINGHAMTON, NY – Two downtown Binghamton restaurants at the center of a sexual assault scandal will be closing for good.

A spokesman for Yaron “Ron” Kweller tells NewsChannel 34 that the decision to close the Colonial and Dos Rios Cantina was made at a partners meeting last week.

Juda Engelmayer of Herald P.R. says Kweller voted in favor of shutting them down as it had become clear that they were no longer financially solvent and lacked funds to cover payroll.

Engelmayer says a capital contribution was made in order to pay the employees.

Kweller and his brother Leor have been charged with raping two young women on November 27th inside the offices of Ron’s real estate business Rent Bing which is around the corner from the Colonial on Washington Street.

Another partner in the restaurants, Jordan Rindgen, is charged with providing cocaine to the women and facilitating the sex crimes.

Engelmayer says Ron Kweller has not been involved in the operations of the businesses since December and continues to maintain his innocence.

He says Kweller “looks forward to the day the true facts come out in court.”

Meanwhile, activists who organized a protest against the establishments when the allegations first surfaced in December, are celebrating the news of the closures.