BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Lawyers for two former owners of the Colonial restaurant accused of rape have filed a bombshell motion alleging they have proof that the women fabricated the charges.

Attorneys for Jordan Rindgen, Yaron “Ron” Kweller and his brother Leor Kweller filed a motion to dismiss with Broome County Court today.

The three men are accused of supplying cocaine to two young women and then raping them inside the office of Rent Bing on Washington Street in downtown Binghamton on November 27, 2021.

The defendants argue that text messages by the alleged victims that were turned over during discovery contradict what the women told police and the grand jury.

Rindgen and Ron Kweller were co-owners of Colonial and Dos Rios Cantina which have since closed.

All three men allege that whatever sexual contact took place during the early morning hours was consensual.

In the motion, the lawyers also argue that surveillance video from inside the Colonial, where the women met the men prior to going to Rent Bing, also supports their claim.

And the defense attorneys have written a letter to Broome County District Attorney Mike Korchak requesting that he dismiss the charges, based not only on the contradictory texts, but on their assertion that the alleged victims took steps to hide important evidence.

The attorneys say the women have scrubbed some of their social media accounts and that one of them changed phones without backing it up in an attempt to hide evidence.

The motion to the court also argues that there is insufficient evidence for the case to proceed.

The attorneys have requested a court hearing on the motion in early June.

Paul Battisti is the attorney for Ron Kweller, Tom Jackson is the attorney for Rindgen and Leor Kweller is represented by Elena Fast and Andrea Zellan.