Coast guard terrorist charged with multiple gun and drug offenses


A Coast Guard Lieutenant who police say was planning to kill Democratic lawmakers, TV anchors, and random citizens appeared in a federal court in Maryland yesterday. 

Christopher Paul Hasson is charged with multiple gun and drug offenses.  

As NewsChannel 34’s Morgan Wright shows us, federal officials say Hasson is a White Supremacist who was stockpiling weapons and ammunition he hoped to use to execute a terrorist attack…

Prosecutors say the drug and gun charges against Coast Guard Lt. Christopher Paul Hasson are just the “tip of the iceberg.” 

They allege he’s a domestic terrorist that plotted a mass killing. 

The sheer number and force of the weapons that were recovered from Mr. Hasson’s residence in this case coupled with the disturbing nature in writings appear to reflect a very significant threat. 

Prosecutors say Hasson stashed firearms and ammunition. And had hit list including prominent lawmakers and journalists.

Hasson also declared he was a neo-nazi for more than 30 years and wanted to establish a “white homeland”

We need to combat hatred and bigotry wherever it arises because it can become violent. 

Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut was one of the lawmakers Hasson planned to target.

This kind of extremism, unfortunately, is a lot more prevalent than it should be in this country today.

The number of white supremacist groups is increasing. 

Richard Cohen with the Southern Poverty Law Center released a recent report showing hate crimes are on the rise.

Their level of violence was very high this year and I think we’re in for a long ride in our country as our demographics continue to shift.

And he worries the violence will increase. 

I think those people may say the political system doesn’t work for me I have to act out.

Prosecutors say at this point none of the charges are proven beyond a reasonable doubt. 

For now, Hasson will be held for 14 days while the government weighs additional charges against him.

In Washington, Morgan Wright.

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