JOHNSON CITY, N.Y. – (WIVT/WBGH) An event is being held next week to help educate coaches on how best to coach female athletes.

Coaching Her Future is an organization co-founded by Kim Myers of Vestal and Greater Binghamton native Kate Hillis. Last year, it held a clinic at Binghamton University for 75 local coaches to bring awareness to some differences in how female athletes should be coached in comparison to male athletes. For example, the organization recommends promoting socialization between female athletes, providing lots of encouragement, understanding issues around feminine products, hair, bras and body image and accepting the likelihood of tears.

Myers, whose family owns Dick’s Sporting Goods, says the goal is to keep girls in sports longer.

“I just had this idea from my own personal experience with my daughters that some coaches, male or female, they don’t understand what they’ve said or what they’ve done. Not intentional. We need to help them understand what they’ve said, what they’ve done,” said Myers.

Myers says girls drop out of sports in middle school at a rate 60% higher than boys. She says athletics can improve confidence, mental health, grades and self-image.

Coaching Her Future has another clinic scheduled for this Monday at the new Dick’s House of Sport, but all of the slots are full.

She says the goal is to take the event to other House of Sport locations across the country.