Closing arguments made for the 22nd District


Tedious hearings to review ballots have gone on for days, but today’s closing arguments took less than half an hour.

Attorneys for both Anthony Brindisi and Claudia Tenney deferring to positions submitted in writing.

The Tenney campaign doesn’t think the court has the power to correct some errors of the count, but Brindisi’s team thinks it does.

State Supreme Court Justice Scott Delconte said to expect his decision in writing by the end of the next week whether to count each of the1,100 ballots that had been challenged by the campaigns.

Those votes are on top of the up to 1,000 ballots the judge ordered to be counted by the Oneida County Board of Elections by next Wednesday after its commissioners failed to process the voters’ registration forms submitted through the DMV.

The ruling went extremely beyond what either candidate was asking for.

Just because this judge makes a ruling next week, doesn’t mean the case is closed. Both candidates have started the process to appeal decision they disagree with to be heard by the next highest court.

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