Innovators in the Southern Tier received a boost from a national training program today.

Around 25 people participated in an initiative called Build-4-Scale at the DoubleTree Hotel in Binghamton.

Build-4-Scale was created to connect local innovators with local manufacturers to ensure new energy technologies are produced that strengthen the manufacturing industry and support job creation.

The curriculum for the program was designed by the U.S Department of Energy with the help of Fuzehub Advisor Dan Radomski.

Radomski says there are all sorts of clean tech possibilities out there. 

“You’re seeing a wave of innovation and physical product development. It’s basically because you can take any unintelligent piece of hardware and make it intelligent by putting embedded sensors, giving it a wireless system and allowing it to communicate and connect. Anything from a Fitbit to autonomous vehicles, you’re seeing a wide variety of new products being developed,” Radomski says.

He says the program also helps innovators create manufacturing-ready prototypes while avoiding a costly redesign. 

Build-4-Scale was free to attend for inventors, researchers, product developers and manufacturers.