BINGHAMTON, NY – After a nearly 100 day election battle, Congresswoman Claudia Tenney is ready to once again represent New York’s 22nd District.

Tenney was sworn in last week, and is eager to get back to work in the House of Representatives after two years.

Tenney and her team have already been active among her various committee’s she projects she’ll be a part of, including Foreign Affairs and Small Business, along with many COVID-related issues as well.

Tenney says she wants to put the challenges of the election dispute behind her, but believes that the issues that arose need to be addressed, and changes need to be made.

“I think we need to focus our attention on making the Board of Elections well sourced, well trained, and maintaining the integrity. We must have voter I.D. It’s critical. We have to match signatures. All these things are being slated to be eliminated in Congress, which I think is a huge error. Everybody is entitled to one vote, and just one vote only. But, we want to make sure that vote gets cast,” says Tenney.

Tenney and her staff are planning on residing back in their old offices inside the MetroCenter in downtown Binghamton.

She added that her and Anthony Brindisi have been in communication and should begin working on the transition back in this week.