BINGHAMTON, NY – Following the harsh winter months, Binghamton’s roads need some T-L-C.

City of Binghamton Mayor Jared Kraham visited roadwork crews on the North Side for the beginning of the annual pothole repair program.

Frederick Street was the first road on the list, and Kraham says it’s probably one of the worst roads in the city.

“We’re here on the North side today. We’ll be in every corner of Binghamton, as we know potholes affect every neighborhood. And we’re making a huge effort this year because this past winter season was really one of the worst on record in terms of pavement management and those potholes developing,” says Kraham.

The potholes are being filled with a hot patch of asphalt, which Kraham says is far better at sealing the road than the cold mix.

Kraham also encourages residents to download the City of Binghamton App, which can be used to identify potholes and request repairs in their neighborhoods.