BINGHAMTON, NY – The City of Binghamton is taking steps to shut down what it calls an illegal after hours club that is spawning other criminal activity in an Eastside neighborhood.

The alleged club is inside 92 Robinson Street which has previously housed a number of conventional bars and restaurants over the years.

According to Binghamton Police, the patrons of the club were responsible for an early morning shoot-out that took place along neighboring Whitney Avenue on Sunday July 25th.

While no one was injured, bullet holes can be seen in one of the houses on the block.

A city spokesman says efforts are underway to use both zoning and code laws to put the club out of business.

The city says the building owner Dwaine Watson is operating the illegal club and has not cooperated with police.

A similar club located at 344 Clinton Street was recently shut down after the city alerted the building’s landlord who was not involved in running the club.