City of Binghamton cracking down on illegal side parking


BINGHAMTON, NY – As the snow continues to fall, the city of Binghamton is doing it’s best to keep pace.

Plows and cleaning crews have been going virtually non-stop since before the storm arrived.

As far as the roads and sidewalks are concerned, crews have been able to ensure traffic flow remains steady.

However, one of the major issues that plows have been facing is illegal parking.

The city is in the midst of it’s alternate side parking until next month, with many failing to comply during this storm.

Mayor Rich David said as of this morning, 116 parking tickets had been issued in a 24 hour span.

Mayor David says that the more people that don’t follow the rule, the longer the clean up process will take.

“It just slows down the overall process and effeciency. It’s not a lack of resources. It’s not a lack of trucks. It’s not a lack of drivers. It’s not the amount of times they can go up and down your street. I mean, if there are obstructions, you’re not going to get the full level of service, or your street totally being cleared until those cars move,” says David.

Mayor David also issued a reminder to those who are looking for alternate parking sites that parking inside both the Water Street and State Street parking garages is free until tomorrow morning at 9.

He also suggested parking at one of the city’s parks and either walking to your destination or getting a ride from there.

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