BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – The City of Binghamton is looking ahead to next year as well, as Mayor Jared Kraham delivered his Budget Address this afternoon.

Mayor Kraham announced that the overall budget for 2023 in the City of Binghamton is $97 million.

Kraham said that there will be no increase in water and sewer rates, as well as no increases in property taxes.

Kraham mentioned that there are currently 19 vacancies in the Binghamton Police Department.

He stressed the importance of filling these positions, while also mentioning that looking ahead to next year, the city has created 3 new police positions.

He also announced that $1 million will be going to a brand new youth fund that will address mental illness in young adults, expand STEM programs, and spruce up facilities such as the Boys-&-Girls Club.

“The 2023 budget solidifies Binghamton’s reputation as a city in action,” said Kraham. “The decisions, investments, and projects outlined today are what make Binghamton the best place to start a small business, the best place for a young family to start their future. Cities are often pointed to for our problems, but in Binghamton, we’re making sure that we’re known for our solutions.”

The Mayor reiterated his commitment to clearing out eye sores, as well as addressing landlords who are improperly housing students.

Kraham mentioned that MacArthur Elementary’s baseball field is prone to flooding, and as a result, says that it will be receiving a brand new turf field.

You can find a link to the entire City of Binghamton’s 2023 budget here.