ENDICOTT, NY – A local veteran group is once again harkening back to the origins of Veterans Day which was an international call for peace.

Members of Broome County Veterans for Peace gathered at the First Congregational Church at Front and Main Streets in Binghamton to celebrate Armistice Day.

The holiday was created to mark the end of World War 1.

They rang the bell in front of the church 11 times to signify the 11th hour of November 11th,1918, when the armistice to end The Great War was signed.

Veterans for Peach Vice President Larry Evans says the moment the first world war ended is a great moment in world history.

“It was one of the happiest days that the generation could ever think of, is the day of peace. That’s what Veterans for Peace Nationwide today is celebrating, is the end of war and peace,” says Evans.

Evans says the country needs to seriously consider peaceful solutions rather than the fighting and death that inevitably comes from war.

Other members in the organization say the United States spends more than it should on its armed forces, saying it should put more money into public education and social programs.