Broome County has a new grocery store that can bring produce, dairy and meat right to the consumer.

The United Way, the City of Binghamton and Visions and Horizons Federal Credit Unions have chipped in to convert an old school bus into a CHOW mobile market.

The pilot program begins on June 30th at the Binghamton Plaza.

The bus carries meat, eggs, milk, yogurt along with fresh fruits and veggies.

There is also a built-in freezer that was purchased by the City of Binghamton.

Customers step onto the bus, shop, then pay for the groceries at the end of the bus using cash, check, credit or EBT.

CHOW Program Manager Jack Seman says the bus can makes stops all over Broome County.

“Unlike a brick and mortar store, if we identify a need that we didn’t see earlier, we can just pick up and drive to that location. It also gives us more capacity to have more produce markets. Our 2 vans, our CHOW Fresh Mobile Markets, can be in one more place,” said Seman.

Visions and Horizons each donated $10,000 and the United Way gave $15,000 for the project.

The food will cost between $1-$3 to help struggling families.

Once the mobile market is established, a route will be created in rural areas like Windsor and Harpursville.