JOHNSON CITY, NY – One church is coming to the aid of another in an effort to feed the hungry during the pandemic.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has donated more than 42,000 pounds of food for the Johnson City Presbyterian Church on Main Street.

The food will be housed at CHOW headquarters in Binghamton for now as it is gradually distributed to those in need.

Public Affairs Director for the Mormon Church in Owego Karla Service says she learned about J-C Pres’s need for more food through the Family Enrichment Network.

“It’s something that we do well through our church, is get food out to people, which we’ve done a lot during the pandemic. We decided to put in a request for some food to be delivered so that they can do what they do best,” says Service.

Service says the J-C church usually donates food to about 5,000 people a year, and the donations made today will cover much of that total.

CHOW Director Les Aylesworth says he was happy to house the food, calling the Presbyterian Church a teammate in the battle against hunger.

“CHOW distributes food, we bring food in, we get it out, but it’s those agencies like them that are the direct, first, front line impact to the folks who need it. They’re the ones distributing it, handing it out to people. They’re the ones who are interacting with the clients. We are in this game together,” SAYS Aylesworth.

The J-C Presbyterian Church has been given a range of non-perishable foods.