Children mistreated in public


It’s painful to watch the mistreatment of a child in public. It makes one wonder what may be happening to a child in the privacy of the family’s home. There are things you can do help the child. Sympathize with the parent by saying something like, ‘she seems to be trying your patience,’ or ‘my child used to get upset like that.’ You may want to divert the angry attention away from the child by striking up a polite conversation with the adult, which will give the parent time to calm down. Consider offering sympathy or help. Sometimes a parent’s anger is fueled by the embarrassment at the fuss the child is making. Saying ‘children sure can wear you out! Is there anything i can do to help?’ Giving dirty looks or making snide remarks to the parent will only increase the parent’s anger and make matters worse for the child. If you’re concerned about a child’s safety in this situation, ask someone with authority, such as a store manager to intervene, or call your local law enforcement agency. Contact a child safety program in your area for more information.

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