BINGHAMTON, NY – County Executive Jason Garnar joined the Family Violence Prevention Council at Otsiningo Park to recognize Child Abuse Prevention Month.

The Family Violence Prevention Council held a contest asking students around the country to make artwork that represents the theme “Making Room at our Table.”

The submission was narrowed down, and the winner was 9th grader at Chenango Forks, Da’Shaun Aldrich.

The press conference held at Otsiningo park declared it Child Abuse Awareness month.

Aldrich described his artwork and why he drew what he drew.

“Shows people around the world with face masks on that is actually their countries flag and I made them all together and by doing that it sends a message that we all need each other,” says Aldrich.

After the conference, members of the Family Violence Prevention Council went and cleaned up Otsiningo Park.
This was their way of creating a safer environment for families to bring their children to.