BINGHAMTON, NY – More than 6 months after it closed to motor vehicle traffic, work continues on the Chenango Street underpass in Binghamton.

The precast and prefabricated arch beneath Interstate 81 and Route 17 closed last September after it was discovered that it was slowly sinking.

Contractors are now building what is essentially an arch within the arch.

They began by shoring up the sides with standard concrete forms.

But a plan to use a spray-on concrete for the crown or ceiling did not work.

Work has temporarily halted as they test a new self consolidating concrete on the ceiling.

Meanwhile, the Department of Transportation and contractors are responding to neighbor concerns about trash, including a discarded T-V, in the pedestrian walkway.

And a DOT spokesman says additional fencing was installed to discourage homeless people from sleeping and defecating in the tunnel.

The repairs were initially supposed to be finished by the end of last year at an estimated cost of $3.5 million.

The DOT says it no longer has a cost or timeline estimate.

And it won’t comment on whether the original contractors or designed and installed the arch will be held responsible for the cost of repairs.