HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM)- Changes are coming to Pennsylvania’s biodiesel fuel requirements amid reports of diesel fuel shortages and rationing.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture announced it is temporarily suspending its 2% biodiesel fuel requirement. The suspension of the requirement, which was implemented in 2012, goes into effect from June 27 through July 26.

Lifting the requirement means out-of-state diesel can now be sold in Pennsylvania, the only east coast state with the requirement

Rebecca K. Oyler, President/CEO of the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association, says she’s happy the decision was made.

“It will allow diesel to be purchased from out of state and sort of smooth out some of the rough spots that we have been seeing in diesel access,” Oyler.

Oyler says members were found to be experiencing challenges in accessing diesel as gas prices skyrocket across the country.

“More common was rationing and that was happening in the form of limiting the amount of diesel that a purchaser could buy at the pump to $75 or $100, which for a truck is barely going to get them out of the parking lot,” said Oyler.

Oyler says many things are contributing to the supply shortage including increased energy demand, U.S. refining capacity, and the war in Ukraine.

Pennsylvania required because biodiesel in 2012 because it burns cleaner than regular diesel fuel.