BINGHAMTON, NY – According to the U-S Census, Binghamton has an Hispanic population of just over 7 percent.

This growing demographic is increasingly looking for bilingual sources of news and information.

NewsChannel 34’s Jackie Gillis introduces us to someone looking to fill that void.

“I try to create it not only as a voice for these people but also as a way for these people to communicate to other ethnic groups or to other ethnic groups that are not ethnic,” says publisher Hugo Acosta.

Hugo Acosta is a Venezuelan Native.

After living in Syracuse for awhile, he realized there was a need for a bilingual newspaper.

So, back in February of 2004 he started CNY Latino.

“There is a market out there where the 1st and 2nd generation, abuelos and padres, you know grandparents and parents do not dominate English well, so they can have that information also in their native language,” says Acosta.

CNY Latino is currently the only Hispanic oriented publication in Central New York.

It covers all towns between Rochester and Albany and between Watertown and Binghamton.

When starting this newspaper, Acosta had many goals in mind.

“One of the several things that I’m trying to fulfill/achieve with this newspaper is to change the image, to enhance the positivity. To show samples of hero’s of positive members in our culture,” says Acosta.

He says he does believe that the Latino community can be undeserved.

And while most Spanish-speakers seek to improve their English, businesses are seeing a benefit from bilingual advertising.

“I believe that we can get up, try harder, play the game by the rules like I said before and then demonstrate that we can also be educated, we can also be smart and we can also be successful,” says Acosta.

You can find the newspaper at many Latino restaurants here in Binghamton, as well as the American Civic Association.

Acosta says he’d like to see the paper in local supermarkets by next year. The newspaper can also be found online at