BINGHAMTON, NY – A local band that has burst onto the local music scene following the pandemic is going old school with its first release.

Caviar and Grits has released an LP version of its debut album “Ticket to Flavor Town” on multi-colored vinyl.

The CD version came out last summer but the vinyl was held up by supply chain issues.

Formed right before COVID-19, Caviar and Grits was founded by lead singer, rhythm guitarist and songwriter Michaela Clark.

They play a blend of R and B, soul and funk originals.

The band has built steadily with the addition of powerhouse local musicians Joe Kollar on lead guitar, Jim Lomonaco on bass, Moses Valle on drums, Ayana Del Valle on backup vocals and Tyson Alston on keyboards.

“I cannot believe that musicians of this caliber wanted to join my band. It made me feel so flattered and now that we’re all such good friends and close, we have that musical connection and that friendship connection and everybody’s just amazing,” says lead singer Michaela Clark.

The band is celebrating its vinyl release with 2 shows over the next 2 nights.

Caviar and Grits will perform from 7 to 10 tomorrow for the grand opening of the new rooftop beer garden at the Beer Tree Brew Co Downtown Binghamton location.

And it will be out at the Beer Tree Farm in Port Crane Friday from 6 to 9.

More info on Facebook at Caviar and Grits Band.