Captiol Hill walking party lines with election results


WASHINGTON, DC – The transition team for President-elect Joe Biden is pushing for access to national security briefings and the latest information on the coronavirus pandemic.

NewsChannel 34’s Morgan Wright reports on the push from lawmakers for the Biden team to get up to speed for a smooth transition, while President Trump continues to throw up roadblocks.

{President-elect Joe Biden} More people may die if we don’t coordinate.

President-elect Joe Biden says the time is now — for President Trump to cooperate with a smooth transition of power.

{President-elect Joe Biden} If it has to wait until January 20th to become operational, that’s a shame but maybe that’s the only way to get it done.

On Capitol Hill — Senate Democrats say it’s dangerous for the Trump Administration to withhold President-Elect Joe Biden from gettting national security briefings.

{Senator Edward Markey, D/MA} …it raises the risk of this transition is something that powers around the world who are not our allies try to take advantage of.

Massachusetts Senator Edward Markey says the president’s refusal to accept the results of the election only makes things worse.

{Senator Edward Markey, D/MA} the only people who haven’t accepted it are the President of the United States, his White House staff, and unfortunately too many of his Republican allies here on capitol hill.

But some Senate Republicans are also calling for Biden to receive those briefings, traditionally provided during a presidential transition.

Oklahoma Senator James Lankford:

{Senator James Lankford, R/OK} since this past summer, Joe Biden and President Trump, who always receives it, have received intelligence briefings every day // That’s now stopped for Joe Biden. I think we should continue that because we still don’t know who the president’s going to be at this point.
President Trump has yet to concede the election… and on tweeted Biden only won because the election was rigged.

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