KIRKWOOD, NY – An international leader in the cannabis industry says it hasn’t abandoned plans to make Kirkwood the center of its operations making CBD and recreational marijuana products.

Canopy Growth, an Ontario-based cannabis supplier, began selling THC flower, vapes, beverages and edibles soon after Canada legalized marijuana three years ago.

In 2019, it announced plans to purchase and renovate the former Felchar manufacturing plant in Kirkwood to produce CBD products after New York State gave the green light to industrial hemp.

Now, with New York State rolling out regulations to govern the new adult-use marijuana market, Canopy is setting up partnerships to produce and sell THC products in New York.

“I think that New York State is going to be a leader in the cannabis space, there’s no question in my mind that it will be. I’m very excited for, hopefully, sometime in the future for Canopy to get involved in it as well and bring a lot of the innovative products that we’ve got in Canada and other markets to the US market,” says VP for Global Government Relations David Culver.

Culver says Canopy has a variety of brands that it would like to bring to New York, including its flagship Tweed brand of cannabis and a Martha Stewart line of CBD gummies.

It also has agreements to acquire Wanna brands, a Colorado-based producer of edibles and Acerage Holdings, which already has a facility in Syracuse.

Culver says an architectural study is underway to determine the future of its facility on Pine Camp Drive.

Culver says extensive work has been done at the site which has yet to realize the 400 jobs it first promised.

“To be blunt, this has been a rather frustrating project. We announced the building, as you probably remember, in 2019. We have really had to slow things down for 2 major reasons. One is that the building itself was in a lot worse shape than we thought,” he added.

Culver says the other problem has been a lack of federal regulations for CBD products, causing many major retailers to refuse to sell them, thereby ruining the potential market.

The company is a strong supporter of legislation advanced by South Carolina Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace that would set up a framework for marijuana legalization across the US.

Culver says Canopy would like to see marijuana regulated similarly to alcohol with many decisions left to the state level.

He also says his company is committed to efforts to keep marijuana away from children and to combat impaired driving.