Long Island Congressman Tom Suozzi is claiming arrogance in Albany. Suozzi criticized the Governor’s proposed $850 million taxpayer funded Buffalo Bills Stadium. 

Suozzi, who’s running against Hochul in the Democratic primary, says that with the Governor adding this into the budget so close to deadline it hardly gives lawmakers enough time to scrutinize the deal. He believes rather than having New Yorkers pay for the stadium, it should be the developer. 

“I would first try to  negotiate a deal where you didn’t put up public money and it has to make economic sense and you need experts helping to negotiate these deals, they’re very complicated. But if you read the literature, most sports deals do not bring in more money than you put in,” Suozzi said.

However, the Governor is predicting the stadium will bring in more than $380 million and the hospitality industry will bring in tens of millions annually.

Suozzi says with New York having the highest taxes in America and thousands leaving the state, his administration would focus on reducing taxes.