PORT CRANE, NY – AL Burke Inc. is the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce’s Business of the Week.

AL Burke first opened in 1945, building residential housing options to the community.

In the 70’s the business transitioned into constructing larger, steel, commercial buildings.

In 2010, the company pivoted again and began to focus on property management.

The Vice President of AL Burke, Alexis Stabler says most family owned businesses do not make it past the 3rd generation of ownership. Stabler says the fact Burke has made it to its 4th generation speaks for itself.

Vice President at AL Burke Inc, Alexis Stabler says, “We strive to provide quality, affordable housing to provide good rental units that are quality for people to live in for themselves, for their families, and then provide the service of being able to have repairs and know that their home is taken care of, and that they’re taken care of. It feels great to be recognized.”

The company now manages over forty-five properties and eight-hundred individual units throughout the region.

Last year, the company expanded its services with an additional 100 properties in the Syracuse and Corning area.

They are located at 16 Canal Street in Port Crane.

You can call them at 722-5356, and visit their website http://alburkeinc.com/