TOWN OF DICKINSON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Premium Mortgage Corporation is the Greater Binghamton Chamber’s Business of the Week.

Premium is a mortgage bank and only lends money to people buying houses.

It not only makes mortgage loans of its own, but can also broker financing through other financial institutions including Visions Federal Credit Union.

Premium was founded in Rochester and opened a branch in our area 2 years ago.

Nate Kelsey is the Primary Loan Officer for the Southern Tier.

He says the company offers a road map for buying a home that involves helping buyers get qualified, figuring out what they want and can afford, and comparing that to what’s available on the market.

Kelsey says Premium prides itself on being a local lender.

“It’s important that we know our local community. We know the people there, we know the needs. We understand the unique aspects that might come into play on the legal side of a loan. Title work, deed, those kinds of things are all different throughout the state so it does help to be boots on the ground, and work with your local community to understand what’s going to be most successful.”

Premium can also help buyers with government loans and VA loans.

It has its local office on the second floor of 5 South College Drive which houses the Chamber on the first floor.

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