BINGHAMTON, NY – ID Life is the Greater Binghamton Chamber Business of the Week.

ID Life is a health and wellness company, specializing in customized nutrition.

The name stands for, Individually Designed Life, with the understanding that no 2 people are alike.

The way it works is, you take a DNA test, from there the test will reveal what nutrition you’ve been lacking and what exercises you should be doing.

An associate for IDLife, Kenny Mulligan, struggled with Multiple Sclerosis for almost 30 years.

Mulligan says, IDLife wasn’t a cure for his M-S, but it radically changed his life and health.

“We should live the best we possibly can, and we invest in a lot of things. We invest in our cars, our homes all that kind of stuff, but we only get one body, that’s it, we only get one life. So, why not be the best you can be to this life and why not give your body what it really needs to live the best life it can,” says Mulligan.

Mulligan says IDLife is for anyone, whether you want to lose weight, eat more vitamins, or have more energy, there is a customizable plan for you.

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