BINGHAMTON, NY – IBM is the Greater Binghamton Chamber Business of the Week.

Endicott is the birthplace of IBM, dating back to the early 1900s.

Mary O’Malley-Trumble, Senior Location Executive for IBM Endicott says the office in Endicott has a diverse set of business units.

It has a patent office that’s been a learder for 26 years, as well as a corporate processing office.

She also mentions that it’s been at the forefront of every initiative for years going back to when it hired it’s first female in 1935.

“That’s what makes me proud to still be with such a great company and that to me is what I hope people understand in the community. First of all we’re still here, secondly we support our culture, our initiatives, our values are tight to the community,” says O’Malley-Trumble.

IBM also has mainframe hardware slash software developers.

O’Malley-Trumble describes it as, ‘when you swipe a credit card, your bank is using IBM hardware and or software to process that transaction.

She belives one reason IBM is still here is it’s ability to adapt to change.