SMITHVILLE FLATS, NY – (WIVT/WBGH) Harvest Moon Enterprises is the Greater Binghamton Chamber Business of the Week.

Harvest Moon began three years ago in Smithville Flats with three glamping sites.

Glamping is short for glamorous camping and features large tent cabins set up on wooden platforms deep in the 45-acre old growth forest. Each site has a queen size bed with some additional side furniture and a heater. Also on site is a wood-fired cedar barrel sauna with an accompanying outdoor shower. Plus, trails, a pond and large wooden pavilion with a wood stove for cooking.

Cassandra Vance co-owns Harvest Moon with Kevin Tripp. Vance says the setting is immersive and transformative.

“It’s called Shinrin-Yoku in Japan which really translates to forest bathing. Many cultures have embraced this as therapy, mental and physical. You literally go into the woods, and you listen to the birds, and you listen to the breeze going through the trees and it changes us physically. Lowers blood pressure, relieves depression, helps anxiety. So, our mission is let our ancient forest heal you,” said Vance.

Last year, Vance and Tripp opened The Black Barn at Harvest Moon for special events like weddings, showers and retreats. Plus there are special gathering locations throughout the property to relax or even have an elopement ceremony.

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