BINGHAMTON, NY – Gance’s Catering is the Greater Binghamton Chamber Business of the Week.

Since 1991, Gance’s has been a multi-generation family run business.

It primarily focuses on wedding catering but also offers catering for corporate events or entertainment such as concerts.

During the busy season, it has close to 40 staff members who typically travel 1 to 1 and a half hours every weekend for weddings.

General Manager Santino Gance says they take more of a full-service approach like event planning, assisting and staffing your event, and managing rental items.

“I think our responsiveness and our customer service, I think is what sets us apart. We really, I know people say they try but we really do try to make sure like every possible thing is taken care of, stuff a lot of time isn’t even our responsibility, you know,” says Gance.

They have pre-made packages already, but any of them are customizable to you and your needs.

They also have a sub brand called Gance’s 2Go in Endicott where breakfast and lunch is served to employees in the area.