BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – Essential Constructs is being recognized as the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce’s Business of the Week.

The business started in 2019. Essential Constructs facilitates Cooperative Procurement contracts with public agencies such as school districts, municipalities, fire stations and others.

Because of the Co-op, the company eliminates the bidding process for its construction projects. Owner Rob Warholic says that instead of having to wait for bid day to find out if the project is over budget, Essential Constructs brings all of the parties to the table even during the drawing phase.

“So, we’re able to bring contractors to the table while the architects and engineers are designing it. So, they know they’re designing something with a given budget at hand. So now, we’re taking months and months off of that overall process,” said Warholic.

Warholic says the company does business all across New York and in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, Texas, and just recently got a contract in Washington State.

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