Carolyn Waffle Certified Travel is the Greater Binghamton Chamber’s Business of the Week.

Waffle has been a travel agent since she was 21.

She started her business 24 years ago, specializing in event and group travel.

Waffle creates destination weddings, honeymoons and large corporate travel events.

For example, she can arrange exercise classes, workshops, receptions and private dinners.

Waffle says she won’t recommend a resort or a cruise unless she herself has visited and gotten to know the people involved.

“When you’re dealing with even 50 people, let alone 150 people, there’s a lot of work in the background for months taking place that nobody sees until you’re on the ground.”

Waffle says her business, 90 percent of which comes from outside our area, has tripled in the past couple of years, to the point where she’s looking to hire more employees and move into a larger office.

Waffle is available by appointment only.

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